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Hustleburg BONUS Episode with Geoffrey Klein from Nine Dots Media

April 1, 2021

Watch  the Interview with Nine Dots Media’s Geoffrey Klein:

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“Connect With an Audience and Engage With Your Message”

When people are given data, only two parts of their brain engage. When they are told a story however, their brains light up, activating every part that would be engaged if they were experiencing a story themselves. This makes story-telling the best way to connect with your community and engage with your business’ message.

“People Don’t Care About What You Do… They Only Care About What You Can Do For Them”

If your story doesn’t tell others how you can help them, you’ve lost. You won’t be able to connect with them on a level deeper than the usual superficial interaction that most people have with a company or business. There’s no chance to find or make a rabid fan if all your connections are shallow and superficial. Do you know anyone who gets passionate about their cell phone provider?

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Connect the dots with Geoffrey and his team at Nine Dots Media:

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Geoffrey’s TEDx Talk

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